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Kristi Needs Your Help!

On an ordinary day in 2015, Kristi McNutt went food shopping and bought a rotisserie chicken from her local grocery store which she ate for dinner that evening. The next day, Kristi woke up feeling extremely ill, with vomiting and stomach cramps. The next few days she grew sicker and weaker and felt her muscles cramping. Her right arm and legs began to feel wobbly, and by the time her friend came to take Kristi to the Emergency Room, she could barely walk! When Kristi arrived to the ER, she could no longer bare weight through her legs. By early the next morning she had stopped breathing and “coded”. A few days later, blood tests she had done a few days prior revealed that the chicken she ate was infected with campylobacter. This type of bacterial infection can cause severe life threatening consequences. Unfortunately this is what happened in Kristi’s case; the bacteria attacked her GI tract which caused Kristi’s body to react with a syndrome known as Guillian-Barre, or GBS. GBS causes the immune system to attack part of the peripheral nervous system, causing weakness, neuropathy, and eventually muscles cannot be used at all. Paralysis and the inability to breath, an abnormal heart beat, infections, blood clots, and high or low blood pressure are all common symptoms of GBS.

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