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Martin Needs Our Help!

Martin Gradias has multiple sclerosis, a severe and progressive disease of the nervous system that affects the brain and spinal cord. He needs your help to get a promising new treatment.

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November 21, 2016

Hi everyone!!! I am here to give an update. We are still in the process of fighting the insurance. We are in the second appeal process. It is just a waiting game at this point. The first of the year I plan on getting a lot of fundraising in. I will def. keep you guys posted on events. Again thank you for the support.

July 31, 2016

We came back from our trip with good news. We got accepted into the stem cell program!

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May 13, 2016

Prayers are with your family!!!

Sonia Rivera

May 1, 2016

My prayers are with your recovery. God bless you and your beautiful family

Amanda Bejarano De Spain

April 29, 2016

Love you guys!! So grateful for this treatment and hopeful for the future!