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Bob (Okie) Okerfelt is 62 years young and is very ill. After years of struggling with severe COPD, a lung transplant is his only hope for survival. Transplants are lifesaving but financially draining.

Okie grew up in Weymouth, attended Butera School of Art, Boston, married the love of his life, Kristen in 1981 and then moved to Duxbury. Shortly afterwards, he began his company Okerad Signs. He has been a member of The Painters & Allied Trades D.C. #35 since 1974. His illness prevents him from pursuing his career that he loves.

Updates (8)

December 28, 2016

My brothers first biopsy results were great,,,,,no infection,,,no rejection!!! Yahoo!! Plus he got the green light to drive again! It was a very, very ,very thankful Christmas for all!

December 11, 2016

My brother had his first bronchoscopy last Friday. Most lung transplant patients have this procedure 1 month after transplant. Bobby had to wait for 2 months based on his heart surgery along with transplant. This is a biopsy of the new lung to see if there is any infection or rejection. Doctor seemed happy with the procedure, now just waiting on results. Your continued support and prayers are greatly appreciated!


October 12, 2016

God bless you, Bob. Debbie Payne is my cousin - my family is from Weymouth, now in MN - and it is clear she thinks the world of you and is working hard to help you; we want to support that love and caring! We can see you are a fighter - that is great!! Sending positive thoughts and prayers -

Tim and Shelley Snell

September 22, 2016

Hey Bobby - your cousin Cathy (Gammons) Gonzalez here. I'm praying that your transplant happens soon, that you weather this storm with your inimitable good humor and grace and that you make a full return to good health. Janis tells me how hard you've worked to give yourself the best chance at success and I'm so proud of you, cuz!! We may not keep in touch but you, Kris and your whole family are in my prayers and I'm sending much LOVE

Cathy M. Gonzalez

September 20, 2016

Keeping you in my prayers.

Maria Miller Larson

September 9, 2016

Kris & Okie. You are, and will continue to be in our prayers in all aspects of healing, transplant, and meeting financial goals. Love you. Cousin Andrew & Kathy

Andrew Jacobs