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Michael Myers received his first transplant in 1995, after 18 months of dialysis, when a strep infection settled in his kidneys. He was living a healthy life with his new kidney, until he fell ill with the horrible flu in December 2013. Shortly after, he was in total renal failure. Michael had to go back on dialysis 3 days a week, while he waits for a life-saving kidney transplant.

In 2014, Michael had multiple hospital stays throughout the year, including two comas, one for 11 days, when the family was told to make final arrangements for him. Thankfully since then, Michael has been more stable but the continuing strain of weekly dialysis treatments is challenging. While dialysis is keeping Michael alive, it takes a great toll on the body and one’s ability to function. Most days he doesn’t feel able to get out of bed; Working is impossible. So to say it has been tight for Mike and our family as far as getting bills paid is an understatement.