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Deshawne Edwards is only 40 years-old and is desperately fighting for her life! In 2008, Deshawne was diagnosed with a progressive form of kidney disease, and she is now facing end-stage-renal disease or kidney failure. Prior to becoming ill, Deshawne’s life was filled with joy and happiness as a full-time mother, attending family outings, and even travelling on occasion. Unfortunately, the past several years have been spent attending medical appointments, taking trips to the hospital, and endless hours of life-sustaining dialysis treatments. After years of waiting for a new kidney, Deshawne has been blessed with the gift-of-life through a living kidney donor. She has found a kidney match and both she and her living donor are undergoing extensive medical testing to get ready for transplant surgery at Ochsner Medical Center in Jefferson, Louisiana.

Deshawne is a loving and caring person who has been there for others her whole life. She is a life-long resident of Edgard, where she became a mom, wife, and devoted friend to her closest confidantes. As a homemaker, she enjoyed cooking and caring for her two daughters and husband and always looked forward to the fun and exciting activities they enjoyed together. Since facing kidney failure, Deshawne attends dialysis treatments 3 days/per week where she’s often weak and too tired to do anything with her family. Due to the after effects of dialysis treatments, Deshawne is unable to go on long trips, and her only chance to return to good health and her once active lifestyle is a new kidney through a lifesaving kidney transplant.

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