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This campaign was originally started in 2016 when my husband Shawn Wilson was diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease in December 2015. He was on dialysis 3-5 days every week and was listed for a life-saving kidney transplant. Fortunately, I was a match and donated one of my kidneys to him June 2016.

Updates (4)

July 23, 2021

The original campaign was updated above.

November 16, 2016

Shawn had his transplant in June and is doing great. Both he and Monica have returned to work and family life has gotten back to somewhat normal. Shawn has had a few minor set backs with a blood clot and now blood too thick but other than that the new kidney is working well and he has his life back. He is back to spending time with his kids rather than sitting at a dialysis center. He will be coaching his son's basketball team starting in December. He would not have had time for that prior to his surgery. Thanks to all who have prayed for him and his family and to all who have contributed to the various fund raisers.


June 29, 2016

Monica and Shawn I'm always praying for you both! If you need anything please just ask! Much love!


Brittany Crow Ramirez

May 27, 2016

Shawn, we are all thinking of you and have nothing but positive vibes to send you. You have such a previous family and know they are a wonderful help. We are excited for your future following this transplant.

Kay Robbins and Summer Barber