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As many of you know, Christopher, has a rare genetic disorder PMM2 CDG. This disorder affects nearly every part of his life. He has vision abnormalities, hearing loss, cerebellar atrophy, heart, liver and kidney abnormalities, central hypothyroidism, low muscle tone, a blood clotting disorder and he’s fed via GJ tube. He’s at risk for seizures, strokes, and stroke-like episodes. Nothing comes easy for him and in order for him to continue to amaze us with reaching milestones intensive therapy is a must!

Christopher is an amazing, determined little boy who deserves the chance to sit, crawl, and someday walk. Not only does intensive therapy help him with his physical development but it also is needed for speech and oral intake. There is nothing he doesn’t work extra hard to achieve!

Updates (5)

January 11, 2019

We are gearing up to head back to California for another 3 week NAPA intensive! We have seen so many gains from his intensives. Although many may seem small to others they are huge for Christopher. His head control ihas improves, his stability while sitting, his ability to push up to sitting AND bring both legs in front of him. We are so proud of how hard he works and it can be extremely wearing at times and emotional we know that the intensives help him a ton! We have 5 hours a day scheduled, total of 75 hours. I am really looking forward to what he will accomplish on this next intensive!

February 20, 2018

In about a month Christopher will be heading back to NAPA for his 4th intensive. We are so excited to be doing 4 weeks this year instead of 3.
Over the past year Christopher has been tummy scooting all over the place and he’s also getting so good at pushing himself up to sitting. He can get to a sitting position from his back, side, and tummy. His balance is still off and he will fall without protecting himself but we know soon he’ll be balancing like a pro. He is such a determined little boy! Thank you for your support!!


July 17, 2018

For Christopher Schlemmer!

Betsy Golden

July 18, 2018

Praying for fantastic results!

Mary Bidon