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My dear son, Brenton Troy Byers (43), was born with Spina Bifida with Myleominingocele. He’s had a history of seizures, was shunted for hydrocephalus at a young age, and has had many other serious medical complications. He lost his ability to walk in 2005. He has faced many challenges. Troy is a kind and friendly man who needs our help.

Troy is a single parent with two loving daughters. He has limited income per month and depends solely on Medicaid here in Ohio. He loves hunting and fishing. His church group recently took him to Canada to get a black bear. To help facilitate these activities, we are requesting help to get a used handicapped accessible van and a track chair. He also needs a pneumatic mattress for his bed. This is where your support is desperately needed.


June 23, 2016

Hope my little bit helps for all your needs. Hang tough Buddy!!