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Teri Needs Your Help!

Teri (Lipscomb) Figarola has been living with a progressive and debilitating form of multiple sclerosis, MS for many years. As a result of her condition, Teri is almost completely disabled. She is unable to get herself in and out of bed, put on her own shoes, and needs assistance dressing herself in the mornings. She also faces severe fatigue and debilitating pain on a daily basis. Teri continues to rely on a scooter and over the years, she has tried almost every conventional medication and therapy to treat her MS. Unfortunately, Teri continues to decline as her MS progresses in a downward spiral and she desperately needs your help.

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August 15, 2017

Spent weekend in hospital for Solmedrol infusion therapy, something I hope to no longer need when I get my transplant. Will begin oral Prednisone therapy this evening. Taper starts at 60 mg. At home today to recover from weekend, get my legs back after 3 days in bed and clear out head. Back to school for last semester tomorrow!

Retire 12/31. Will file for disability as can no longer work full time. Plan is to teach as an adjunct at a local Comm. Col. to get me out of the house and still using my teaching skills. They are able to accommodate me. Hope to jump start fundraising this fall.

July 26, 2017

I'm tired of crying for hours at a time. I'm tired of the struggle to stand. I'm tired of not being able to stand thus having a wetting accident. I'm tired of the struggle of cleaning up and changing my pants, sometimes twice a day. I'm tired of my nocturia not improving. I'm tired of sleeping in a puddle for most of the night. I'm tired of not being able to hang out with my girlfriends; it's been months, years. I'm tired of Steve taking his frustrations out on me. I tired of fighting to walk, so much so that I also fight the fear of losing the ability. I'm tired of living in filth bc I cannot clean my house or pay someone to clean it. I'm tired of hiding many of my struggles from the world. I'm tired of fighting the fear that I will be unable to return to work 8/14. I'm tired of needing to use a scooter bc I cannot walk more than 10-50 feet depending upon my stamina. I'm tired of it not being safe for me to walk when alone. I'm tired of always needing to be positive when with others. I'm tired of needing help dressing, getting out of bed and bathing. I'rm tired of so much more, even of being tired - how much longer must I wait to get better? Even if I get back to where I was 4 years ago I would get back more of my independence. If you are a praying person, pray a prayer for me and my MS.

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March 11, 2017

Hang in there Teri! The Oasis Church of Rawlins has got your back and I am so excited to see our donation pop up. Should be pretty soon, but I know they mailed it in as two different checks.

Joie Lamb

November 10, 2016

Hi Teri,
When see a donation from me, please know that this donation is from the whole Math/Physics Department. We miss you!