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Pamela is a 51-year-old woman who is very ill. A kidney transplant is her only hope for survival. Pamela was born with one kidney and unfortunately her kidney finally reached its limits. In 2013, Pamela found out she had stage 5 (end stage) kidney disease. Pamela, who is one of the kindest people you will ever meet, needs our help, because the cost of transplant is overwhelming.

After many years of helping others, Pamela needs support. After many attempts to find a donor and much disappointment over the last few years, her amazing and selfless cousin Jennifer was tested and is a match! The surgery is scheduled for June 24, 2016. Pamela, her children, family and friends are looking forward to a renewal in energy and more positive outlook on life post recovery. Even with insurance there are many expenses that must be covered out of pocket. Some of these are co-pays, caregiver fees, transportation costs and relocation expenses at the time of transplant. In addition, Pamela will be on a life-time of expensive anti-rejection medications. This is where your support is desperately needed.

Updates (3)

August 13, 2016

My kidney transplant was a huge success.Jen is doing wonderfully I am doing pretty great looking for more energy.

I stayed in San Diego for six weeks and recovered in a hotel for the duration it was very very expensive. My doctors wanted me to stay within 10 miles of the hospital .

Thank you so much for everyone who's donated so far. I got home and I'm completely broke. Broker than I've ever been & it's very depressing . Since I'm not able to work for possibly two more months and I have very little income. If anyone knows of any fundraising ideas or anyone who would like to donate please share this on your wall. Bless

July 24, 2016

Four weeks in recovery two more weeks to go financially strained worried about having enough for the remainder of the time plus rent at home any bit of help would be great at this time. Recovery is going well getting stronger every day thank you to everyone that has supported me so far I appreciate it so much you don't even know. ♻️


June 17, 2016

Our prayers will remain FOR you and your beautiful family through the transplant & recovery, Pam!


May 20, 2016

You got this Pam!! I love you and the funds are on their way!! Whoot whoooo!!

Your cousin and cheerleader, Brandi

May 20, 2016

Hugs to you!

Peggy Campbell