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Julie Anne Gould is only 45 years-old and she desperately needs your help. A loving wife and mother of three, Julie is suffering from a progressive autoimmune disorder called diffuse scleroderma. After 8 months of feeling ill, Julie was told that she has a progressive, life threatening and terminal illness. Scleroderma is a debilitating disease that increases the collagen production in all connective tissues of the body; joints, skin and all internal organs may be affected, and Julie currently has lung, heart, digestive and musculoskeletal involvement. Julie is likely to face continued health obstacles and if she does not receive proper treatments to halt her scleroderma in its tracks, her condition will continue to deteriorate.

Julie is under the care of the FDA approved clinical trial at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. She is being evaluated for HSCT, or non-embryonic stem cell therapy using her own stem cells to treat her scleroderma. While she undergoes extensive medical testing, she travels back and forth to Chicago from Kansas in an effort to gain final approval for treatment. Once approved, the entire process will take several months and many round trips to complete. Julie is fortunate to have health insurance that will pay for most of the estimated cost of the $150,000.00 for the FDA approved therapy. Unfortunately, the out-of-pocket portion will add up to thousands of dollars by the time Julie has completed her journey. She will face extensive travel and lodging fees, meals, and large insurance deductibles and copays. Julie will need a full-time caregiver and her out-of-pocket expenses will be more than she can handle alone. Unable to work because the HSCT treatment will consist of chemotherapy, Julie will soon be immunocompromised, or without any immune system for several months. Because Julie is a nurse who works in a setting with potential infectious health risks, she will not be able to work until her stem cells have rebooted her weakened immune system. Julie enjoys her work and looks forward to the day she is able to return to her job. The HSCT therapy should halt the progression of her scleroderma and Julie will finally face much needed relief.

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February 2, 2017

I am 6 months from my transplant date. Feeling better. Improvement continues. PT and OT twice a week for both. Increased range of motion in hands and in shoulder. Your contributions have allowed me to improve! Thank you, thank you!

October 29, 2016

Still recovering. Side effect of chemotherapy is bone pain. Well, I got it! Menopause accompanied it's visit! Doing PT and OT at home to help increase range of motion. Everyday is a good day to be alive!

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July 6, 2016

I am sending you and your family prayers and strength. You are a very strong woman and I know that you can do this.

Tracy Jones and family

July 6, 2016

Julie - You are a true warrior! You are in my thoughts and prayers every day.


June 28, 2016

Love you Julie and family! Stay strong! You can do it!

Kelli Lester