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Scott Needs a Heart Transplant!

Scott Rozeboom is only 37 years-old, and he desperately needs a lifesaving heart transplant. In the Summer of 2015, Scott went to the ER complaining of back pain. It was then that doctors diagnosed Scott with a severe and progressive form of congestive heart failure, and told Scott he would eventually need a new heart. Without a transplant, since his heart is only functioning at about 13%, Scott was given only 6-12 months to live. Scott needed an LVAD machine, or a left ventricular assist device, which will temporarily sustain his new heart and act as a bridge until a new heart becomes available. Scott has been in and out of the hospital while he waits for his transplant, and undergoes extensive medical testing at Meijer Heart Center Spectrum Hospital in Grand Rapids, MI while he waits for the call that could save his life.

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June 11, 2017

Attention all my Guardian Angels,

Hello my name is Jessica Rozeboom my Husband’s name is Scott Rozeboom. This explains my husband’s miracle in beating the odds 98%-2%. This happened in Grand Rapids at the Meijer Heart Center. It started out in August 2015. Scott had sever back pain, I took Scott into Holland Emergency Room on a few different occasions. On the last visit they let us know that the right side of Scott’s Heart was only working at 12% they placed Scott into ICU. When Scott was sent home he was referred to the Grand Rapids Meijer Heart Center and was provided a life vest (this vest will shock you if your heart stops in hopes to start the heart pumping again). The Life Vest went off once in the couple months that Scott had it. When Scott went in to see Dr. Dickerson he was diagnosed with Advanced Congestive Heart Failure. Scott was told in August 2015 that he only had 6-12 months to live and he had a 98% chance that he would need a Heart Transplant. The odds were against him with only a 2% chance that his heart would get better with medications. There are only 7 People out of hundreds that did not need a heart transplant because the medication worked. Scott is now the 8th person on that very small list. Scott received the LVAD (Left Ventricular Assist Device) in September 2015. This is a bridge to the heart transplant to help keep Scott alive while waiting on the transplant list.

Scott went into his Dr. Office in November 2016 he was told that his heart is starting to look better and they wanted to do more test on him to see if he would not need the transplant. There was one test every month and 3 test to complete. Scott did not make it to the third test how the Doctors hoped. Scott had a stroke on February 14th while eating dinner with his wife and 3 children. He was taken into Holland Emergency Room and was transported by ambulance to the Grand Rapids Emergency Room. They confirmed that Scott did in fact have a stroke and that he has had more than one but this one was the worse so far. Scott was placed in the 6th floor of the Grand Rapids Meijer Heart Center; he was there for about 2 days for the stroke. On Thursday that week he asked if he was going to get to go home the next day, as he was fully recovered from his stroke. The nurse let him know that they will be doing the 3rd test starting Friday and ending Monday so he would not be going home the next day. If he passes this test he will get the LVAD removed on Tuesday 02/21/2017. He is still on the Transplant list for 3 months after the LVAD being removed.

He is at home healing with his wife and 3 of our children. Scott’s medical bill and normal house hold bill continue to rise our family is doing our best but cannot keep up. Please help support Scott by going to Hopehelplive/Scott Rozeboom if anyone would like to help out our family as we get back on our feet. We thank God and all of you Prayer Warriors for Scotts miracle.

Thank you,
Scott, Jessica and Kids.

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