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Dear Family and Friends,

As some of you know, I became ill last Fall with what started out as pneumonia only to be diagnosed with end-stage renal failure and told that my only chance at a healthy life was to have a kidney transplant. I have undergone the required evaluations and met my transplant team at the Mayo Clinic. I am happy to say that I have just been placed on the active transplant waiting list and my team can now move forward with the testing of potential living kidney donors. The Mayo facility and staff are amazing and I look forward to working with the transplant team.

Updates (6)

October 4, 2016

Tomorrow is the big day for the half hog raffle!! I’m really excited. The man that processed the meat told me the winners will be VERY happy with the prize.

September 8, 2016

I’ve had a couple of friends worked up for live donation with no match so far but I know my God is faithful and His timing is perfect!!


April 15, 2017

My thoughts &,prayers are with you. Hugs right back @ you


April 15, 2017

Amber you and your family are in my prayers. I'm glad I could do something to help.


April 15, 2017

Happy Easter friend! Love you!!

Emily Locke

April 14, 2017

Although we cannot help financially, please know you are in our prayers! My husband is on a list as well and we understand

Nancy Moore