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Dear Friends and Family,

I am writing to you today in deep gratitude. As most of you are aware, my life took a dramatic turn on November 23, 2015. In the blink of an eye, a day at the pool with my family in Mexico altered in my life in almost every conceivable way. As we enjoyed our time in the sun, a trip down a water slide ended in catastrophe when I hit my head on the bottom of the pool. The resulting injury – a crushed C4, 5 and 6 vertebrae – left me a quadriplegic.


March 14, 2018

Hi Alex, We are so proud of how hard you have worked to gain your independence. Looking forward to seeing you soon and meeting your new service dog (puppy)! Hugs from the Solazzo Family!

Margarita Solazzo

June 12, 2017

Hi, Alex! I know you and about your journey through dear Dougall and Ann. The entire Agan Family has been part of my family for more than 10 years - you are truly an inspiration to all of us! We wish you only continued progress as you make your way through this "new normal" in your life..

Vicki Thomas and Family (Jeff, Shannon and Brandon)

January 20, 2017

Dear Alex, So glad we got to meet you at Dougall and Ann's house. Your positive attitude's been so important in your recovery and you are a wonderful young man. We continue to follow your progress and wish you t e best as you go back to work. Sending hugs your way.

Gloria and Alvaro Luna

January 20, 2017

Hey Alex - Great to see you at Dougall's house. We are so impressed with both your positive attitude and all the hard work you are putting into your recovery. We are praying for you to continue improving and to stay strong...mentally, physically, and spiritually. Don't ever lose that great smile of lights up the room!

Tom and Margarita Solazzo