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Susan Needs a Liver Transplant!

Our Mother, Susan Hill is in desperate need of a lifesaving liver transplant. Susan was diagnosed with a disorder of her liver known as primary biliary cholangitis; a chronic autoimmune and genetic liver condition that often leads to end-stage liver disease. Susan’s health has deteriorated over the past few years, and she is now in need of a new liver. A liver transplant is her only hope for survival and Susan needs your help.

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September 19, 2017

I am gonna Set up more donation no at to this by the month . Love all you guys your sister and family lisa Hartley. Please help by donating so she can get this transplant and live and enjoy her family like all of us. Thank you in advance


September 19, 2016

Susan , my sister, I do know you are having a hard time right now . Waiting on a life saving transplant is not an easy thing. So glad to see a new fund raiser for you and i hope that others see it and give also . I know you are a strong person and you can do these. It takes alot of time and people to do fund raising and i can only hope that this goes well for you. It does take alot of money to run back and forth to indianapolis to dr. Appts . Gas , food , and motels . And even a place to stay when first transplanted and your support person . I love you very much and wish you and your family the best .

Lisa hartley and family