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Please Help Our Brother Survive!

Billy Stauffer’s life has been thrown into upheaval since the time he was diagnosed with emphysema, fibrosis and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). His condition had worsened over time to the point where a lung transplant was needed in order to survive and to survive with an improved quality of life. He is currently at Northwestern Hospital in downtown Chicago. As he was completing the required testing, we received the call and late Sunday night, on July 24th, Billy received the gift of life! His surgeon was able to give him a double lung transplant. The surgery went well, but Billy is not out of the woods yet. He has a long road to recovery and needs your help!

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November 19, 2016

Okay friends I will only do this once because it's downright embarrassing . I had to buy a 12 year old car to make it to the city 3 times a week . I know we all have our problems but I had a choice of dying or paying an extravagant amount of money to live . I'm not talking about all my other medical bills I just want to tell you about my prescriptions. I hit my donut hole at 3 months I take 30 pills a month 3 AR anti-rejection which insurance pays $2,100 a month. so after 3 months I pay 50% that's just three out of 30. Now they tell me I have to get all my teeth pulled and get dentures because an infection in my mouth will kill me . So any help you can give me on my will be greatly appreciated thanks everybody. Billy

August 15, 2016

Today Billy had his first follow-up visit since being home from the hospital. They took all 57 staples out of his chest and a stubborn stitch that was in his neck.

The medications are making him a little nauseous and his back is giving him some trouble. Next week he sees a pain specialist for his back pain. :(¿

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October 15, 2016

Hey Billy!! amazing your doing!! Keep up the good work!! See you soon!!!


Patti Crane

August 17, 2016

57 staples! That's a lot of metal! Are you going to make something out of it! lol! I am sorry your back is still bothering you and hope the doctors can offer a way to manage it. I hope I can see you soon when you are feeling better I could meet you at NWH and lunch!

Love- Cindy & Rich

August 5, 2016

I can't believe how amazing you are! When I saw you on Monday you were still bed ridden with tubes that forced you to stay on your back but you were alert and responding through facial expressions. I know you were in there and in incredible pain. Today, Friday, already almost all the tubes are gone, you are walking, sitting up on your own, and have become an excellent communicator although you still can not talk due to the trach. The determination I see you put forth even while enduring incredible pain is inspiring. Your ambition and desire to move on your own and do things for yourself and moreover FIGHT THE PAIN you feel so you can accomplish things on your own is unbelievable. We Love You - Keep it up!

P.S. I know you and I have to commend you on your tactfulness of the hand gestures when dealing with your therapists, sisters, and Rich and I. LOL!

Cindy & Rich