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Jeannie Hetzer, 55, was diagnosed with MS when she was 31. Her daughter was one-year-old and her son was four at the time. She has done all but two of the medications available to treat MS and is currently checking into one of the last ones available. She did everything that her doctors told her to, but her MS continues to progress. Currently, Jeannie is mostly wheelchair-bound and needs help transferring from her wheelchair to her lift chair, to her bed, and to the shower. After a lot of research, Jeannie discovered a facility in California that preforms stem cell therapy, where they will use her own stem cells to create new, healthy cells to hopefully repair some of the damage MS has caused. There is no cure for MS, however, we are hopeful that stem cell therapy will reverse much of the debilitating symptoms Jeannie has endured.

Her daughter is now married and pregnant with their first grandchild. Jeannie is very excited and longs to have the strength to hold that baby and the energy to play with her as she grows. She desires to serve the Lord by singing in the choir again. She would also love to go to the Iowa football games with her husband, be able to drive again, and visit family and friends whose homes are not wheelchair accessible. At this point, stem cell therapy is her best hope for attaining these goals.


September 22, 2016

Praying you will get all the money soon.

Suzanne Smith