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Debasish Needs Your Support!

My father, Debasish (Dave) Gooptu, has been suffering for the past four years from Interstitial Lung Disease, or ILD. ILD is an irreversible, progressive and serious condition of the lungs, often times leading to a lung transplant. Debasish’s condition has rapidly deteriorated, leading to significant loss of lung function. As a result, he was forced to quit his job and has become increasingly home-bound over recent years. Debasish now has difficulty walking without oxygen support, and his lung function capacity continues to decline, as his need for oxygen increases. The doctors treating him have concluded that his condition has progressed to a stage where traditional treatment can no longer effectively arrest the disease process. After extensive medical testing, doctors have listed Debasish as a candidate for a double lung transplant.

Updates (6)

December 25, 2016

Hello Friends,

A very Happy Christmas and New Year to you and your loved ones.

Here is an update on Debasish's health. It has been a little over three months since he had the lung transplant surgery and about eleven weeks since he returned home. During this time, he has been recovering steadily and making good progress, despite a few ups and downs.

He is now enrolled in an outpatient rehabilitation program and slowly building up his motor strengths and endurance. Recent CT scans and bronchoscopy reports indicate that his new lungs are working fine and that his body has not rejected them. Therefore, he no longer requires supplemental oxygen anymore. He is moving about independently, as well as driving moderate distances.

Although he is temporarily abstaining from crowded spaces to avoid risks of infection, he is diligently working on getting back to a normal lifestyle.

Earlier this month, he was blessed with his first grandchild, Vishnu. He is overjoyed at becoming a grandad.

He will however need to continue with a rigorous monitoring schedule, involving regular visits to the doctor's office and diagnostic tests (blood work, X-Rays, CT scans, bronchoscopy, etc.). In addition, he had to continue with his regimen of diet and medication, as well as attend physical therapy to regain his sense of balance.

All this is very costly and involve significant out-of-pocket expenses not covered by insurance. We still have some way to go in order to meet our fund-raising goals.

We thank those who have contributed to the funds with all our heart. For those who have not yet but might consider making a donation, we would deeply appreciate some help. Any amount is welcome.

Warm regards for a wonderful holiday season and a safe, peaceful, and happy New Year.

Angshuman Gooptu


October 7, 2016

We wanted to update everyone on our father's status:

After almost 3 weeks in the hospital, our father was released on Monday evening (October 3rd). However, since the doctors still wanted to conduct more tests he stayed at the hotel across the hospital. While some of the side effects from the numerous medications still persist, they are going down and he is feeling better day by day. His new lungs, according to his pulmonologist, are functioning well. Since it is a new organ, he is still in the critical period for acute rejection. Therefore, we will be consistently monitoring his vitals on a daily basis, making sure his medication regimen is followed accurately, and taking him for weekly labs, bronchioscopy tests and appointments with his pulmonology team. We are also praying for his safe recovery. We wanted to express our heartfelt gratitude for all your support through this difficult time. We are hoping our father is able regain an independent lifestyle again. Will keep everyone updated on his progress....


December 28, 2016

Get fit soon and breathe in life Dave.

Mahadeva Matt Mani

August 9, 2016

Dave - I am very hopeful that things will turn out for the best for you and your family. As always, my thoughts and good wishes are with you. Sending good vibes to you. Stay strong!