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Retired Army Veteran Needs a Kidney

Retired Sgt. Richard Pomelow of Maine took ill suddenly in May of 2016. The doctors discovered upon his admittance that he only had 10% kidney function. After 2 weeks of flushing out his system and a kidney biopsy, Richard and I were told he needed a transplant. Rick is a gentle giant and a loving and devoted father and husband, and now he needs our help. The cost of a transplant can be overwhelming.

Updates (4)

February 15, 2019

It’s been a long time since I’ve been on here. Alot of up and downs.. we’ve had a living donor for Rick since February of last year. In November we parted ways with our transplant team from Mid Maine Medical in Portland Maine as it became very apparent they were not advocating for us. They were talking two years plus with our living donor???? Doesn’t make sense!! November 22, 2018 we traveled to Boston for our first appointment at The Brigham and Women’s Hospital. We had to start all over again! After two years of Rick being on dialysis and several months having a living donor (technically, there were three donors but Portland stopped communication with two of them in April). One and a half weeks later, Nancy, Rick’s new pre-transplant coordinator called, she had all Rick’s records and Mark’s records.! It took Portland almost 4 MONTHS according to them to get Mark’s records, mind you Mark has been in contact with us through the whole process!! Mark reached out to Rick on Facebook, said he got a calling from God… I believe that’s when we lost our team in Portland. We told them we were prayed on by our pastor and that same weekend Mark Obert reached out! So, four days past after the phone call from Nancy. Mark calls us…he received a call from Nancy…the records she received from Portland showed Mark was a perfect match!!! Read that again…yep!!! I don’t even have words for it now except it was like having the rug pulled out from under us … AGAIN!!! Moving on, Mark had to take a few more test and repeat one a few times. He is sheduled for his preliminary test on February 28, 2019. Praying all goes well

July 1, 2017

Rick had a procedure on his fistula yesterday. They had to put two balloons up by shoulder area to open up. Hopefully this will allow proper flow and filtration of his blood. The Dr said she still hears a revving there, which was why the procedure was done. Fingers crossed all will be well ❤ In regards to fundraiser July 13 at Applebee’s in Waterville Me, you must have flyer to present to server . You can print from the Events Page on Facebook.