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Richard Needs A Kidney Transplant!

Richard De Young, better known as Ric, is a 58 year-old father and grandfather who is in desperate need of a lifesaving kidney transplant. After a lifelong struggle with diabetes, Ric became very ill and is now suffering from end-stage-renal disease or kidney failure. Without a kidney transplant, Ric will continue to be out of work and undergo lengthy dialysis treatments. He will grow sicker and more weak, and his time will eventually run out. Ric grew up in Muskegon, Michigan and graduated from Fruitport High School. He immediately went to work as a mechanic and worked hard to support himself. In 2003, Ric enrolled in Baker College Flight School hoping to fulfill his dream of flying airplanes. He spent over 32 years working as a mechanic, and a long distance truck driver for 5 years. He is single and lives on his own with the love and support of family and friends. Ric has a kind heart and spent many of his healthy years helping those less fortunate with car repairs. He takes great pride in helping others and working on cars, and more than ever would like to return to the things he enjoys most.

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