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Julie Needs Your Help

Julie is a Greenwood resident who has been battling kidney disease for several years. In May 2017, the doctors placed her on the list for a kidney transplant. She is no longer working full time, due to the demands of working full time and raising two kids while coping with kidney disease. Although she has insurance, the cost of a kidney transplant is overwhelming, so she needs the help of her community to offset these costs.

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November 1, 2018

November 1
It’s been almost 2 weeks sense Julie left the hospital and she is adjusting to her new scheduled of having dialysis three days a week, working and taking care of her kids! She has been very tired, but still manages a positive outlook! She is very grateful for everyone who is praying for her! <3

November 1, 2018

Julie Collins is feeling positive at Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital.
October 17 at 7:41 PM · Indianapolis, IN ·
First three days of dialysis done, and with only one minor complication. Hoping to get home tomorrow. Thanks to my friends who have been praying for me.

October 19 at 5:32 PM · Indianapolis, IN ·
So I’m still here and Methodist will be getting an earful from me about their caseworker.

Julie Collins is feeling thankful.
October 22 at 5:15 PM ·
Finally home!

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January 19, 2018

We are praying that you will receive a kidney soon!

Patti and Tim