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Paul Zona is a loving father and husband. He overcame odds by battling diabetes and weight issues 7 years ago. Life was good; then he was hit with a virus that shut down his kidneys and damaged his heart. For the last two years Paul and our family have learned how this disease can take over a person’s life and bring it to a halt as Paul waits for a life-saving kidney transplant.

Born in South Carolina, now living in Pennsylvania with his family, Paul continues to keep hope. Being brought up in a military family with his father in the Air Force, he has traveled and seen many places and things. Paul’s love for history and recreating the mid-evil style, hiking and his motorcycle has brought him lots of hours of joy to his life. Paul now spends his days working at his job and then home to hook up to his dialysis machine for the night. He no longer gets to visit with friends and enjoy his hobbies and family and friends. Paul has touched many people’s lives with his kindness and generosity. This is why we are reaching out to our family and friends now to help prepare for the financial aspects of transplant.

Updates (2)

October 29, 2016

we are now at the point of coming home. It’s been a very, very long month or so. I am scared out of my wits to be home with this machine. All the emotions that race through my mind every time I go near this it’s killing me. Paul is handling this like a champ. He is so encouraging to me to do this. I can not express how much strength it takes to do this every day.

September 30, 2016

so its been a busy week and half. Paul has started his home Hemodialysis. Its scary, nerve racking, but helping him. He is so strong. I am getting trained as well to be his helper. one step further for me on the caregiver side, but I will do what I need to. I feel like I need a degree in nursing for all this. We just have to keep going…and going..and going.


September 18, 2016

You are two of the strongest people I know, keep faith in our hearts and you'll pull through this and other obstacles in your way also! Love you both!

Cindy Ward

September 17, 2016

you know i will help you and roseann any way i can

john m arieta

September 17, 2016

You are the strongest man I know! Keep thinking positive! Love you so much!

Susan and family

September 16, 2016

Continued prayers for you!

Cheryl Ann Ault