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GOOD NEWS UPDATE: Phillip got his liver transplant in August of 2016!

Phillip Needs Your Help.

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November 20, 2016

Hello family and friends of Phillip Morris. I apologize for the lenghth since the last update. Phil was near death there for a a time. However, Phil was now discharged October 27, 2016. Although it is requied that we stay with in 45 minutes from the hospital, we’re staying in a hotel for the reqired 21 days to have daily blood work and weekly clinic visits. It’s not home but it’s much better than a hospital room, although he still has to go through occupaional, physical and speech therapy. Phil’s new liver is now functioning properly and his kidneys has started back doing their job too, which means no more dialysis. Praise GOD! We thank everyone tor their prayers & donation for now we are accumulating copays, prescription cost, ect. Again we thank GOD for all of you. May He continue to bless you and especially the donor, family and friends. We could have never done it without your so generous gift, THANK YOU.

October 19, 2016

Hello family & friends of Phillip Morris! I know it has been a while, but I’ve been experiencing some technical difficulties. Phil has been up for discharge twice, but several setbacks like infections, fever and his feeding tube needing to be realigned and replaced causing massive weight loss, sent him back to the STICU (surgical trama intensive care unit). However, we know that God is a healing God and Lord did God show up & show out! Phil is doing good now. He’s out of STICU and is on the transplant floor, his infections are gone, his temperature is normal and his feeding tube is functioning just fine, enabling him to receive twice the amount of liquid nutrition than before. You can already see signs of weight gain. Giving God all the praise and all the glory. We’d like to thank everyone for their prayers and support, always remebering to keep the donor’s family & friends ln our prayers. May God continue to keep you & bless you all.

Tammy Morris

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