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Manny Godoy has great kindness, a wonderful sense of humor and a deep love for his wife, teenage daughter, and community. His struggle with diabetes became consuming when seven years ago his kidneys shut down, and his entire life changed. No longer was he able to provide for his family because of multiple critical health issues which included a stroke. For seven long years, he was on dialysis. On August 30th, Manny received a life-changing gift, a kidney.

After many years of helping others, Manny needs your help. Due to the extraordinary expense of transplantation, as well as Manny’s inability to work, funding his life-saving operation was and is a monumental task. Despite having insurance, many of his medical needs are not covered and must be paid out-of-pocket. Many will need an estimate of $20,000 to cover his first year of post-transplant expenses which includes post-transplant lifelong anti-rejection medications. Also, the expense of traveling to and from the center for post-transplant checkups. This presents a challenge Manny cannot meet alone.

Updates (5)

May 24, 2017

Doing great 8 months out. Should get back to work in 1 to 2 more months. Thanks friends.

May 24, 2017

8 months after transplant I am doing well. A few hiccups along the way. But now, great. Should get back to work in a month or so.