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Rachelle Needs Your Help

My wife, Rachelle Ledbetter, has been suffering from pulmonary problems since she was a child. Eight years ago, she was diagnosed with severe Bronchiectasis. Her doctors have told us that her only option now is a life-saving lung transplant.

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November 7, 2023

It’s been 2 1/2 years since my life changing double lung transplant. Each morning, and each evening, I give thanks to my God, and to my young donor for yet another day to experience new blessings- a bike ride into Sequoia National Park; a hike into Grant Grove, or a favorite swimming hole that I haven’t been able to visit in 15 years; walking 8,000 steps in the city of Angels; a camping trip to Joshua Tree and spring training. Every time I venture out, I find myself in a state of wonder at the smallest details- a heron fishing at the side of a lake, a flock of black birds circling above, a herd of deer crossing the road, the glowing pink, purple, and orange of the daily sunset.

My gratitude extends to my husband, daughters, extended family and supportive community. I’m still blessed with your prayers, your thoughts, and your financial support to my ongoing fundraising fund for unmet medical expenses through HelpHopeLive. My life has been enhanced by no financial worries as I continue my ongoing lifelong recovery of a transplant survivor.

My heart is full of love, my life full of gratitude. My desire to encourage and help others through the darkness of disease, the fear of losing the battle or giving up is simple: never give up HOPE. Pray fervently. Reach out to your tribe for support. Don’t do it alone. Love your people and hold them close.

May 2, 2023

May 1st- Month of Movement in celebration of my 2nd lungaversary. Morning workout with my Silver Fox team. I had a video but my lack of tech savvy made it jumpy and upside down. #doublelungtransplantwarrior #gratitudeformydonor #Ibelieveinmiracles #donatelife #motionislotion Help Hope Live

Bike ride at Bravo Lake: 6.65 miles 47 minutes

Silver Fox exercise: 50 minutes

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November 28, 2023


Jill Dinkins

June 1, 2023

May God continue to bless you, you are an inspiration!

Jill Dinkins

May 19, 2023


Jana DesForges