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My friend Judy Furness, a resident of Wolfeboro and a member of our community, is suffering from renal failure. In need of a kidney transplant, she is listed for transplant at Massachusetts General Hospital transplant program. Judy is lives with her beloved pet, Rezzie, having Pokey go to her forever home in March 2017. Both were rescued by her when they needed a home. She has always had a heart for those in need. Even in her weakened state, she seeks to serve those around her when she can. Now she is the one in need and we can all help meet this need. Transplants are life-saving but very expensive! While basic costs are covered by insurance there are many others, including transportation, and costs of a living donor.

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February 9, 2020

Hi, all – I had given up on ever getting a transplant,but now am going back and forth to Massachusetts General Hospital to get back onto the waiting list! I go again this Tuesday. A dear man from church is taking me as he often does. We have to leave at 5:20 am. I am getting all kinds of immunizations also. By now I am on the tippy top of the list – 5 1/2 plus years on dialysis! First I have to get re-accepted and then the ever elusive match. I am type O blood but there are other factors also to consider. I am seeking the Lord Jesus for God’s perfect will for me. Will I be like Job in the Bible and have some good years after all the bad? Jesus, I trust in you.
Any money in my Help Hope Live fund can cover many expenses that could ease my way. I still get offers of living donors, though most have not qualified, and so could cover their expenses also. Lately it has helped with my former car which I depended on to get myself to dialysis- also dental bills since the transplant team requires good dental health and frequent checkups. So thanks to all my supporters. the emotional aspect of this is also huge, to know I am not alone in this fight. Thanks so much to Sue Bolton for making peanut brittle at the busiest time of year and with a new grandson and duties as assistant minister at First Congregational Church of Ossipee and her household of husband and co-laborer in the Lord, Ed, and many animals and lovely garden in season.

January 1, 2020

Another possible kidney donor just came forward – but so many have fallen away. They have a – rightfully – rigid screening process – and some people self screen out. Anyway – it always blows me away when someone offers. First I have to see if I am still eligible with MGH. Tufts has turned me down. Getting too old. It is so ironic that you have to wait endless years and then just when you get to the top of the list they tell you you are too old or other parts of you start to deteriorate. Such is life. Living with hope and acceptance at the same time. Please, please encourage others to sign up as organ donors. It’s not just me – there are so many people waiting – not just for kidneys – all ages of people.

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