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Even the Parts Man Needs Parts

Steve Belk, a 52 year-old resident of St. Helens, Oregon and an auto parts salesman of 22 years, desperately needs your help. Steve was born in Portland, Oregon and attended Theodore Roosevelt High School. This once active, friendly and outgoing man is suffering from end-stage-renal disease, or kidney failure and needs a lifesaving kidney transplant. According to his physicians, Steve is the perfect candidate for a kidney transplant, and is now undergoing extensive medical testing at Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital. While he waits for his new kidney, Steve undergoes dialysis treatments three days per week and has been on dialysis for several years. These treatments are time consuming, physically and emotionally draining and Steve looks forward to returning to good health after he receives his new kidney.

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July 23, 2017

Steve, it is July 2017. Wondering what your status is as of today. Sent a few emails to the usual suspects from our neighborhood to let them know. I also emailed your girlfriend today.

Tony Hepner

February 7, 2017

Steve we have known each other since childhood but sadly we didn't stay connected as we grew up. It was by "devine intervention" that you were a patient in my care one day. I believe that in my heart. That event brought us back in connection with each other again. I'm so glad it did. I am grateful that you keep me posted as you progress through your Journey to meet up with a new kidney and I hope I can be there for you or assist you when that time comes too. You are loved. I knew you when we were kids and I want to know you when we are old too. Stay on course and keep me posted!

Debi Richard

November 15, 2016

wishing you the best!

Cynthia Sweet

November 14, 2016

This is Lily...Oz and I miss being your neighbors. See you soon, I hope.