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My step-father, Robert “Skeeter” Scarborough is a 74 year-old man who is very ill. In September of 2015, Skeeter was hospitalized for internal bleeding and was diagnosed with esophageal varices with severe liver disease. He underwent medical procedures to control the esophageal varices, but this past June he was diagnosed with two cancerous tumors in his liver. My dad is now facing end-stage-liver disease, or liver failure and was told by his team of physicians that he now needs a liver transplant to survive.

Skeeter grew up in a small East Texas town and graduated from Diboll High School. Over the years, he has been involved in various kinds of employment from customer service to welding. Several years ago, when he decided to retire, he became more consumed with his “little” farm and Skeeter owns about 5 acres of land, with a barn, a garden area and sometimes a few cows…just enough to keep him busy. One of the things that Skeeter enjoys is spending time with his granddaughter and showing her around the farm. More than ever, he is hoping to recover from his liver failure and get a new lease on life with a liver transplant. Skeeter’s loving and supportive family are committed to seeing him through his transplant surgery, but they also need the support of their community to make Skeeter’s transplant surgery a reality.

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June 10, 2019

Please note that He has been placed on Hospice care and is no longer able to receive a transplant... so his campaign account is no longer active.

March 2, 2018

As of February 26, 2018, Papa is no longer on the transplant list due to his health declining. However, we will be treating the cancer as long as we can. Overall, he and the family are in good spirits and living each day as normal as possible.

Kelly Rowland

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