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I had my first heart attack when I was 33. My 2nd heart attack came when I was 41. At that time, I had open heart surgery. After I recovered, I went back to work. Then one summer day in 2012, I was doing yard work and the 3rd heart attack occurred. I was only 52!
This one just about did me in. Since then, I have been under constant medical care.

In May 2016, my heart started failing again. This time, the only thing to do was to put in a port with an Inotrope drip running 24/7. We were hoping this would buy me some time. After a few weeks, it stopped working.


December 22, 2016

So thankful for you Thomas! We will continue to pray for you as you face this next endeavor. Stay strong!

LeAnne Evers

December 15, 2016

Thomas my prayers are always with you. You will make it through this like you have all the rest. God Bless and hugs and kisses

Janice Albritton