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After having MS for over 27 years, I believed that the way my body functions today is going to be the best that I can get. Before my diagnosis, I was an active, athletic individual. Even after the diagnosis I was as active as I could be. I played softball until I couldn’t run anymore, and then started cycling. I rode whenever I could. I averaged about 600 miles a year and completed 13 MS 150’s before my legs said enough and I couldn’t ride anymore. I have recently received a handbike from my family and friends so I can get back out on the road.

I have a hard time talking about myself and my disease. But I have discovered a possible future that has given me hope for a better quality of life, so, here it goes. MS affects everyone differently, the things I encounter are: balance issues, neuropathy in hands and feet, foot drop on right side, spasticity in right hand that has led to a 50% loss in strength, fatigue (don’t mess with my afternoon nap), the hug (spasm within the rib cage), bladder spasms with incontinence, leg tremors and double or blurry vision. I’ve been in a wheelchair for the last 3 years. I can tell you that yes, it sucks!


May 20, 2017

Hey Kelli - Sorry we did not make it to the benefit in Peoria. Just made anonymous pledge and hoping it helps you to reach your goal and on to a better life soon.

Matt & Ali Firmand

February 10, 2017

Mom, Alex and Julia have made a donation in Dad's name for you. Hope you reach your goal soon!

Nick Firmand

January 28, 2017

Sounds promising. Wishing u success & improving health. Will forward to family & will be sending check. ❤️&

Dora & Rich.

January 27, 2017

I admire your courage....You never give up. I am sending a check and pray that you reach the goal quickly...

Angela Burkhalter