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S.O.S. – Get on Board to help R. Dennis

R. Dennis Alvarado’s life set sail into troubled waters in December, 2011. A diagnosis of pneumonia turned out to be an incurable autoimmune disease known as polymyositis. The polymyositis settled into his lungs as his immune system attacked the muscles throughout his body. By 2013, he required oxygen 24/7 and in Aug. 2016, when his lung function reached 21%, he was told a transplant would be needed ASAP. He worked hard to strengthen his body for lung transplantation. R. Dennis received his bi-lateral lung transplant on October 27, 2016 and thanks to a magnificent surgeon and transplant team, he now breathes without the use of external oxygen! Although it is too soon to know how the polymyositis will react with new lungs, he is very optimistic, yet very concerned about uncovered medical expenses.
R. Dennis is in desperate need of your help!

Updates (7)

September 25, 2017

Update from 9/12/2017 – We did receive some good news yesterday – the most recent bronchoscopy biopsy revealed no rejection or any signs of rejection, and we are so Thankful to the Good Lord above and to the doctors & medical staff. It did reveal a very minor infection they said could be cleared up with some amoxicillin antibiotic pills. Still trying to be a good patient by continuing to work consistently to improve my muscle strength and improve my lung capacity through treadmill, stationary bike, increased breathing exercises, and all the daily medications and anti rejection drugs. Doctor instructed to me to start trying to push myself more, work the lungs more, and to begin focusing on toning and start firming my upper body muscles too. It truly seems, to me, like the lungs are functioning well; and from viewing and comparing the pictures taken during all the previous bronchoscopies, the color of the connecting tissues looked better than it ever has and I seem to actually be able to feel them more than ever before too, which (to me) may indicate they are adapting to my body – but then again, I saw what looked to me like improved tissue color and know only what they tell me. At today’s clinic check up, was told it was my best pulmonary function test yet, my blood work looked good, x-rays appeared good, and I will just have to add the amoxicillin to my daily pill regime. I have my first annual major clinic coming in October which is the anniversary month for my transplant which we are told will entail more extensive and comprehensive testing on my entire bodily functions. So until then, staying the course plotted out by my doctors and continuing to do the very best we can with deductibles, copays, and asking for Your continued Prayers and support. We THANK YOU ALL SO VERY KINDLY for all the Prayers and support You have extended which has been a Blessing to us and made our bottom line much better indeed, than it would have been. Please consider a donation to my HelpHOPELive campaign if feasible for You to do so. I mentioned earlier we are Thankful to the Good Lord & medical professionals, but we are very, very much just as THANKFUL to All of You too. You have provided Inspiration and Hope for us. May You, Your Family, and All Friends be Blessed – always!
Diann and I Love You All…………….

September 13, 2017

September 9, 2017
To all our Friends and Family. It is definitely a Blessing and an Honor knowing you All. Thank You ALL so very kindly for Y’all’s Inspiration and for the help Y’all have passed our direction. I have not posted about my condition lately because my last bronchoscopy in early July revealed the tiniest bit of my body rejecting the new, to me, lungs. They made some aggressive medication changes then and I had another bronchoscopy very recently and will find out this coming Tuesday, Sept. 12, the most recent findings – and I shall provide an update on this Wednesday the 13th after we have learned the findings. God Bless You All and we Love You ALL too!


March 22, 2018

Continued prayers for you Dennis


December 27, 2017

Sending prayers of strength for you. #TexanStrong

Shirley Bruce

September 28, 2017

Dennis. Your positive attitude is inspiring. Proud to be your friend. All the best.

DB Hunt

September 14, 2017

continuing to pray for you Dennis and family.

cathy polley