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Many of you know Lisa McFadden’s story and the unique contribution she has made to our community. Lisa grew up working in her parent’s hair salon, Kirkland Hair, in downtown Jackson, Mississippi. She and her husband, Jim, now own the salon. About 15 years ago, Lisa began focusing on hair replacement for her clients. One day a young woman suffering from cancer and undergoing chemotherapy came into her salon for help with her hair loss issues. Lisa helped her pick out and order a wig for next-day delivery. When the woman returned the next day, Lisa cut, fitted, and styled the wig. The woman’s reaction was an “Aha” moment for Lisa. When she saw the difference the improvement in appearance made for the young woman, Lisa knew she had found her calling: To help cancer patients feel better by looking better. Since then, Lisa has passionately followed this calling by focusing on the area of hair replacement for chemo patients, working tirelessly with her clients, as well as their doctors and nurses, to find the best solution for each individual patient.

Lisa has helped hundreds of women as they journey through the challenges of severe illness. Now she needs our help for her own journey. Lisa has struggled with polycystic kidney disease all of her life, and recently her kidney function has deteriorated to the point that she is facing a kidney transplant. But the costs associated with a transplant are monumental. Even with insurance, transplant-related costs and time away from their business will place a very heavy financial burden on Lisa and Jim. This is why we are asking for your help.

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April 24, 2017

Lisa, I am sooo encouraged by you and your amazing spirit. You love people, encourage them right where they are, and have a huge heart serving others and expecting nothing in return. I pray for you daily and can't wait for you to have surgery!!! Love you

Sheila & Allen Holifield

April 15, 2017

I just saw this awesome fundraiser, I love you Lisa always and always in my prayers everyday, as daddy always said " we gonna make it, got to".. God has got this

Laurie Boatner

April 7, 2017

Lisa, I pray for you daily and in my heart I know you are a miracle and will overcome this.

Pat Ratliff