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Sue (Susan Dow Smiley) is a loving mother, grandmother and registered nurse. For those of you that know Sue, you know that she is an amazing, all around giving person. She has spent her life being an exceptional loved one and friend to so many and is now literally fighting for every breath. The person who has given to so many, for so long, now needs help from family and friends alike.

In August, Sue was hospitalized with an upper respiratory infection. Shortly after release from the hospital, she was placed on oxygen and became progressively worse. Her local primary care physician and specialists that were consulted were both puzzled and challenged by her quick decline. After a month or so with no identified improvement, she was referred to the Mayo Clinic facility in Jacksonville, Florida for further evaluation.

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May 23, 2017

5/22/2017 Update:

Last week was full of 3 month bronchoscopy(to check for rejection and infection) and EGD( both with biopsies and cultures),CT scan and usual weekly/biweekly assorted bloodwork,chest xray and pulmonary function tests.This week I will get results of all and whether I need an additional procedure....and hopefully an idea when I might be heading home.Starting to really miss the kids,grandkids,friends and family.Hoping and praying for some positive outcomes.

Physical therapy let me off last week since I had back to back anesthesia/recoup but back to 3X this week.

All prayers and positive thoughts greatly appreciated.

April 24, 2017

Last week marked the 2 month mark post transplant for Sue! Yea!

Sue is focused on compliance with medications and physical therapy goals, but most of all enjoying life again! Sue and her current caregiver, Stacy, have found some beautiful trails in the Chapel Hill area and have enjoyed many longs walks, even though they have had to dodge the rain and mud as best they can!

Sue misses her family - especially Eric, Sam, Jasmine, Hailey, Chelsea, Tristan and Ben - as well as all of the rest of her family in Florida, New Jersey, California, etc. A big thanks to friends and family in Florida who made it possible for her to attend Eric and Sam's beautiful wedding a few weeks ago via Facetime, and through the many pictures and videos that have been shared with her.

Donations made to Sue's HelpHopeLive fund are supporting her ongoing housing expenses in Chapel Hill and are literally making it possible for her to stay in the area to receive the required post transplant care needed for continued success. Sue expects to be in the Chapel Hill area until approximately September. Stay Strong Sue!

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May 24, 2017

Hope your recovery goes well. I just got denied by Mayo Clinic for mine. They say I am to high risk. Trying Univ Fl for 2d opinion.

Don Hood

May 23, 2017

GOOOOOOO Sue!!!! You are looking great and what a trooper!!! Saying a prayer for continued strength and healing!!! Much love to you!

LInda Owens

March 12, 2017

I understand what you are experiencing because my late fiance had a double-lung and heart transplant and months of problems that needed adjustments and careful monitoring. After the initial hurdle she did fairly well, but was prone to infection and did have hospital stays on and off. Unfortunately her medical team at Univ of Pittsburgh messed up not looking at months of bloodwork and a diabetic crisis paved the way to her eventual demise. Keep on top of those doctors! Best wishes for a very successful outcome and a long enjoyable life.

Robert Dakelman