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A Story of Hope

Joanna Genevieve Erkel was born in Jinan, China on August 8, 2000 with a mild form of Spina Bifida. During a surgery to close the spine, nerves were severed, leaving her with no bladder feeling or control. If born in America, her condition would not have had such dire consequences. In China, however, when only one child was permitted per family, a painful decision was to be made. This precious baby girl, known as Qian Qian, was left at an orphanage by a family who hoped her life saving destiny would unfold.

Updates (3)

July 26, 2018

Yesterday, July 23rd 2018, Genevieve had her final procedure! She will still be going to checkups at the hospital regularly, but this is still a great milestone for her. In the past few months she has been more and more active and comfortable with her new freedom, enjoying the summer weather on walks along the Blue Ridge, taking harp lessons, and even going swimming!
We are very grateful to everyone that has contributed to make this happen, and hope to share more good news and adventures with you in the future.

June 28, 2018

Genevieve has had her kidney transplant! The doctors say it is adapting to her very well, and should last for many years. She is still recovering from the operation two weeks ago, which was successful, but because of some complications recovery has been slow, and she is still confined to her bed the majority of the time.

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