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This fundraiser will help Tevis Stambaugh with any expenses he will have before and after kidney transplant surgery. Monthly insurance premiums along with medications will be very necessary for long term.
He was first diagnosed with stage 4 kidney disease in 2014, two years after his left below knee amputation, and it was within months that he required dialysis in order to live. He was a candidate for at home dialysis, so he has a catheter in his belly and does 10 hours every night so as you can imagine he is ready for a new kidney. Tevis has an 11 year old daughter he wants to watch grow up and be apart of every aspect of her life.


May 2, 2017

You got this. I know things will work out for you. You will be in my prayers

Trish Green

May 1, 2017

Keep up the positive attitude. I love you very much

Britney Stambaugh