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On July 7th, 2007 Claudia and Nick Vasquez welcomed in their first child, Oliver. Initially, life was just as expected with a newborn, but over time it was apparent that something was not right. At 18 months, Oliver was diagnosed with PMM2-CDG. Fewer than a 1000 individuals worldwide have been identified with this congenital metabolic disorder. There is also a wide spectrum of symptoms and severity of problems associated with those afflicted. Some of which can manifest later in life. At this time, Oliver has mostly been afflicted with fine and gross motor-skill deficits.

Oliver requires specialized therapy and assistive devices, of which insurance and resources do not always cover. With such a rare condition, his future is unknown. For this reason, his family and support group want to ensure that Oliver will receive and be provided with all the means to battle health issues and reach his full potential.

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August 29, 2017

Thank you everyone. Family, friends, and supporters of Oliver from everywhere.
We would like to share with you a video created by the staff of Now I Can. Oliver was brave, enthused, and tired after each session. His last week there, he accomplished 23 unassisted steps. This was such a success on all levels. Our hearts are filled with more hope and optimism for his future.
We would like to kick off a new round of fundraising for next year’s therapy session.
Go Oliver! Go!

February 27, 2017

Dear all,
We wanted to share some exciting news about Oliver!
Thanks to your support and generosity, Oliver will be attending an Intensive Therapy Clinic this summer! Although our first choice (NAPA) is unavailable this year we have found another amazing clinic in Utah. Oliver and I will be traveling to beautiful Provo, Utah and attending intensive therapy at The Now I Can Foundation for the month of July (7/10-28).

Oliver will receive Intensive physical and occupational therapy for 4 hours a day over 3 weeks! A 3-week session of intensive therapy will help Oliver realize the same goals it would usually take a full year of traditional therapy to achieve.
Please be sure to check in on our blog for videos of Oliver’s sessions and the progress that he will make.
Thank you all so much for this wonderful gift for our strong determined son Oliver.
Much love and thanks,
Claudia & Nick Vasquez

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February 6, 2017

We have Ollie in our prayers! XO Mary & Larry

Mary and Larry Del Santo

January 1, 2017

You guys are amazing. Good luck. Nick and Emma.

Nick and emma

December 22, 2016

You got this Ollie! ❤️

Carol and Jeremy

December 21, 2016

One step at a time, you got this Ollie!

your friends the McGees