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Help David Get a Handicap Accessible Van!

David Talkington of Newark, Ohio was diagnosed with Hypophosphatasia (HPP) as an infant. This rare metabolic bone disease causes patients to break bones easily and can impact their quality of life. David could work a regular job until 2008 until he broke two femurs within 6 months of each other due to HPP. The Doctors informed him he should be on disability due to slow healing fractures caused by HPP. David was approved for Social Security-Disability, is now in a power wheelchair outside the home but has had wonderful progress with treatment and physical therapy and can now walk around inside the house with assistive devices as well as using his power chair depending upon what he needs that day. He is currently getting evaluated to see if more physical therapy can be ordered since he has made more progress than we ever dreamed! While this is encouraging for longer distances he will still need the wheelchair and therefore the handicapped van is still desperately needed for him to get around. He is looking forward to more independence to drive to doctor’s appointments, therapy sessions and community events by purchasing a modified van. This brings a great hope for the future and confidence that he will gain a better quality of life.

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June 24, 2018

David Talkington update
Dave is working hard in physical therapy for neck range of motion. We are thankful he has this opportunity and that he is making such great progress.
Dave and Sharon are sharing their hpp (hypophosphatasia) story of hope with others in the hpp community with a goal to encourage others that life with hpp is worth living there are just some adjustments and bumps in the road to negotiate at times that are different from others challenges in life.
Since our last update The Worth While Life had a bowling fundraiser and raised $7000 that they deposited in his Stable account for the van! This was such an encouragement to us and we can’t thank them enough! The Hope Help Live account has grown to over $6000 as of today!!! Words can not express how thankful we are to the many family, friends, and others we have not met yet that have given towards this project.
Our latest step is to apply for a grant to help with the van as you can see this is a large project. We finally found one that could fit but it takes months for them to process and if Dave qualifies answer. In the meantime we continue to share the Hope Help Live Link as well as the Stable account for any who would like to give. We appreciate all who are praying, sending positive thoughts, and cheering us on in this marathon project that we pray will soon be accomplished as our other van is getting pretty tired. We are thankful for it but our season with it is coming to an end we believe soon.

February 12, 2018


This Honda Odyssey is a possibility for Dave to consider.

Recently we went to Columbus Mobility Specialist to check out some of their vans and get some more information about options for Dave. When you are shopping for a handicap van you need to decide on a make and model of van and then what adaptations you want to have made on the van. We have spent hours and hours looking online but it was time to look in person. There is a lot to learn and we so appreciate the journey we are on. My Dad went along with us to help us with the mechanics end and we felt like it was time for us to start getting our hands on the product to see what feels right to us.
Here is one we looked at.

The salesman showing us a handicap accessible van.

This model seemed to be higher off the ground for a handicap minivan than the others we have looked at. There was plenty of room to enter with the wheelchair and turn around which was very nice. There was no carpet on the floor but had the rubberized flooring instead. It also had key fob entry and a bench back seat.

Dave and Dad pondering this possibility.

This was a good stop on our journey and we look forward to the next one as we search for Daves handicap van. Our goal of $65000 was confirmed again at this dealership. We are currently at $5780. Many thanks to our family and friend for helping to grow our Help Hope Live Fund to help us purchase that new van soon! If you would like to give or help with a fundraiser please connect through this link.

HelpHopeLive David D Talkington Fund for Van and Unpaid Medical Bills

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February 13, 2018

Love you Dave!