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David Talkington of Newark, Ohio was diagnosed with Hypophosphatasia (HPP) as an infant. This rare metabolic bone disease causes patients to break bones easily, fatigue, pain and can impact their quality of life. David could work a regular job until 2008 until he broke two femurs within 6 months of each other due to HPP. The Doctors informed him he should be on disability due to slow healing fractures caused by HPP.

David was approved for Social Security-Disability, is now in a power wheelchair outside the home and on tough days at home, but has experienced wonderful progress with treatment and physical therapy! He can now walk around inside the house with assistive devices as well as using his power chair depending upon what he needs that day. He has made more progress than we ever dreamed! While this is encouraging for longer distances he will still need the wheelchair.

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July 16, 2021

This summer has brought some handicap van maintenance we knew was coming but not this soon. We needed brakes and the ac was not working 100% so we got that charged. This was mostly paid for by the $1000 grant emergency fund we found for which we are truly grateful! A few days later the ac went out completely.

May 22, 2021

Hope Travels!

Several months ago David and I were asked if we would serve as Help Hope Live brand ambassadors, and we said yes!

At our first meeting they shared with us about a virtual 5k HHL fundraiser that anyone could do walking, rolling, etc. This was amazing to us because it meant we could do it at our own pace and in a way that we could accomplish this goal!

Dave immediately said to me “I think I want to do this.” I said well then you should. So he went to the website to sign up and when he went to check out there was an opportunity to get a medal. He asked me should I get one and I said “ Have you ever medaled in anything in your life?” He said “No” I said “ Order it” and he did.

We could do this to benefit HHL or a need David had specifically. We chose to do it for handicap ramp maintenance and handicap van maintenance needs David has as well as post on social media people could do it for HHL in general.

We are so thankful that part of our journey the last 5 years has included medicine, #Strensiq, for his rare diagnosis #Hypophosphatasia. As part of his treatment regimen along with lots of hard work in physical therapy and at home he is able to walk short distances. Before this treatment that was no longer a possibility other than in our faith and prayers which we continued to claim, believe and now achieve.

The impossible of yesterday is now possible for Dave today. We are so thankful for this season in our lives and we say we are living the dream! We are so thankful for this opportunity and believe this will kick off our new season of hope traveling! Thank you for considering donating. ❤️

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November 30, 2018

Hoping that van will soon be there!

Ed Loewen

November 27, 2018

We love you Dave! I can't wait to see you in your new van.

Kenton Brown

November 17, 2018

In honor of David D Talkington

Kevin & Tami Holman Kevin & Tami Holman

February 12, 2018

Love you Dave!