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Help Make a Difference in Stephan’s Life!

In May 2015, my husband Stephan Golden and I were involved in an ATV accident in which Stephan’s spine was fractured. Since the accident, he has had two neck surgeries and has been admitted to the hospital three times. Doctors are not sure how long it will take before Stephan regains full mobility in both hands and legs. He has had severe back pain and is still unable to walk totally on his own. As you can imagine, the care he needs is very expensive, which is why we need your help.

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December 14, 2020

01/11/2020 my wife Katrina Golden will be undergoing full knee replacement. The doctors will do left knee 1st and then after recovery will do right knee. She has put this surgery off for 3 years but, now she has to get it done. She was waiting because I need full time care because of my level of injury. She is searching now, trying to find funding to help cover the cost of a full time Caregiver to help me out while she recovers. Praying and believing for a financial miracle.

October 24, 2020

Stephan did a short video of his desire to drive. We will be doing a longer video of the story soon to come.

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December 7, 2020

Hello, glad you're driving again. Speedy recovery. Keep the Faith. God is working things out for our Good!

Joanna McCray

December 6, 2020

Hello Katrina and Stephany, I love the video ! I placed my order. I plan to support more in the future. I will forward this website to others in hopes of getting more support. God's continual blessing and peace. Merry Christmas

Gladys and Joseph Stephenson

March 3, 2020

Hi Katrina, It was a pleasure meeting you and Stephan at your Fundraising event on Saturday! It was our first time attending and my husband David and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! We are in support of you and Stephan, and Help, Hope, Live! I will email the Grant information we discussed and pray it will benefit you both mightily! Be Blessed always, Janet Hocutt-Hairston

Janet Hocutt-Hairston

December 10, 2019

Keep your spirit high because through it all it's what will keep you soaring. Brother n law I hope to meet you soon in the near future. You are forever in our prayers. Oh yeah. I promise to keep your sister safe and secure. Always Brian. May God keep you..

Brian/Vicki Haidek