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Patrick Needs Your Help

As we all know, life can be a winding road forcing us to navigate many twists and turns and obstacles along the way. Sometimes we can take on those obstacles ourselves and then there are times when we need the help of our family and friends.

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August 1, 2018

It’s been ONE YEAR today (May 19, 2018) since my double lung transplant!
This has all been made possible with the blessings of God, the gift of my donor family, the fantastic love and support of my #1 caregivers Kathy, Christopher & Brad, and all the other caregivers, family, doctors, nurses, PA’s, nurses aids, friends, supporters, the list goes on and on!
I’m truly blessed in so many ways. God has bestowed upon us many gifts along my journey. Yes the road of a transplant patient isn’t easy on the patients and their families, but it’s the life we LIVE!
Since my last update we have received the letter back from my donor family and we’re happy to say they want to stay in touch and further the communication. Rowan (my donor) lives on in me.
I’ve had some bumps in the road, mild rejection, lung infection, sinus surgery due to a fungal infection, and some other issues.
Thankfully my one year check up showed no rejection and no infection and an awesome PFT (pulmonary function test). While doing my vitals, my blood oxygen level was 100%! What a gift!!
Thank you everyone for your prayers, love, support, cards, texts, calls, just everything!!!
The journey marches forward.

December 21, 2017

Team PJ update

Wow! It’s been 7 months now that I was transplanted. I’m always thankful for the blessing of my donor and the family. Our journey has been filled with blessings of joy, happiness, sadness, minor setbacks, great accomplishments & overwhelming love.
God is so amazing in every way! He gives us days filled with sunshine, cool cloud formations, trails throughout the natural beauty of this earth, and awesome people to share our blessings with and help us through the trying times.
I have an unbelievable partner, Kathy, to walk with me on this journey, who knows all of the highs and lows. For the record the highs out weigh the lows by far!! Our boys Chris and Brad, have shown great strength and courage in the way they handled themselves throughout this ordeal. Their love has helped us through this more than they know.
We had a fantastic day at the Welcome Home Golf tournament on October 2nd. Special thanks to Tom and his crew and all the participants. I also want to thank Emily….we are so thankful for her artistic talents and for the time spent supporting us throughout this journey.
We enjoyed a weekend on Cape Cod for the Oyster Fest with Steph, Bob, Marybeth & Marty. We had morning coffee looking at the ocean with easy conversation, we enjoyed the beauty of the sunsets, board games, and just hanging out.
Throughout this journey I’ve shared many special times with my siblings Joe, JoAnn & Pammy, talking, laughing, having lunch and just spending time together. I also cannot say enough about Mom & Dad (Scozz) and their endless prayers, support, and love.
I got clearance to fly in November …first destination – San Diego to see Brad!We celebrated Kathy’s birthday and our 31st wedding anniversary hiking Torrey Pines. So happy to do that with my girl! We shared great times with Brad, Natalie, Marybeth, Marty, Pete & Debbie.
We headed down to Duke for my 6 month check up in November. I received a diagnosis of low level rejection (minor setback). Treatment was very high doses of IV steroids for 3 days. I did experience some not so good side effects including high blood pressure, high blood sugar, shakes and feeling like I was in a fog for 2 weeks. While in NC we always have the pleasure of spending time with Tom, Karen and family (Amazing). Visiting the rehabilitation center and the hospital to see the nurses, doctors, and patients always warms our hearts as well. Also had a chance to go to ICU to visit with my rehab buddy Serena (Godspeed on recovery) we prayed with her and gave her a big shot of encouragement!
Another highlight post transplant was going to dinner and the Amos Lee concert with Christopher, Rich & Dan. We had great conversation and Amos Lee was amazing! Seeing him had special meaning to me because Amos Lee was the music I requested as I laid there on the operating table before surgery started. I’m so thankful I got to see him and share it with my son Christopher and two special people in my life.
I also got to participate in the Southbury Turkey Trot with Kathy, Chris, Joe, and Spencer & 2000 plus others. Trot was an over statement, Haha more like walk for sure!
I realize that all of this would not have been possible without my donor, my family, my friends, and of course my amazing doctors at Duke. I am forever grateful for this second chance in life. God bless you all!

Till the next update, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

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September 21, 2017

so glad to read your update. Think of you all often. Glad your adjusting to the new 'normal'. Keeping you in prayer as always.


June 6, 2017

p.s. LOVE the updated picture......tells a whole story!


June 6, 2017

Wow, Wow and Wow.......I am so glad to read this remarkable update. God is amazing. Stay strong. Continued prayers every day. ❤️


June 6, 2017

Congratulations on the surgery going well and hope the recovery goes just as well hope to see u soon

Mick McDougall

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