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I Need Your Help!

My name is Celayne Moore. I am a busy mother of three teenagers, a part-time teacher’s aide at my kids’ school and a happily married wife of 21 years.

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February 25, 2017

Today I received my latest lab results. Currently my function has remained the same and is at 18%. This is good news because it means I won’t need to go onto dialysis at this time. A challenge we are facing at the moment is dealing with insurance denying payment for a Shingles vaccination. Mayo Clinic recommends that I receive this vaccine as it is a live virus vaccine and I can never receive it after transplant due to my suppressed immune system. Insurance would approve it if I were 50 or over. This vaccine costs over $250. It’s uninsured expenses such as these where your donations really count. Please consider donating if you have not already done so as we have not yet reached our fundraising goals.

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