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Bring Michelle Home

On May 31st, 2016, Michelle Siegle’s life changed forever when she suffered a life threatening intracerebral brain hemorrhage. Despite the doctors’ diagnoses, she woke up after being comatose for 15 days. Michelle spent a month in the ICU of Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, six months at a skilled nursing facility in Marlton, NJ and is currently receiving therapy at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital in Philadelphia to relearn how to walk, talk, eat, and resume daily activities again.

Updates (1)

February 10, 2018

Michelle has fully regained the ability to eat and drink. With the funds we have received we payed off the ramp We are now working on getting Michelle to walk, To that end we will be restarting outpatient therapy in March. Michelle continues to need a caregiver at home during the day while Ed works.

We are thankful for the support we have received up to this point and would make use of any further contributions to go toward her caregiver expense which is $2,240.00 per month..


March 9, 2017

Ed, I donated to your cause last week. I can only hope it helps. God bless you and your family. Linda and I are praying for Michelle's recovery and to come home soon. Take care.

Fritz & Linda Sims

March 7, 2017

Sending in a check today. It's not much but hope it helps. Michelle, you are a true example of what it is to be a fighter!!! Ed, you are God's example of what a husband should be. God bless you both and hope to see you soon.

Kathy Pastiu