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Wesley “Wes” Mattimore is a fifty-four-year-old man who is very ill. Since 2008, he’s been struggling with ventricular tachycardia with severe cardiomyopathy. A heart transplant is his only hope for survival. Wes is a very kind person who needs our help; The cost of a transplant, even with insurance, can quickly become overwhelming.

Wes grew up in Johnstown, Pennsylvania and graduated from Greater Johnstown High School. Since his illness started, doctors were able to keep him working with a large gas and oil company for five years with medications and an internal cardioverter defibrillator (ICD). After getting fifteen shocks in a row from his ICD, doctors said he was experiencing V-tach storms. In July of 2014, Wes received twenty-eight shocks in a row; After that, doctors told Wes that a new heart was all that would save him. Together, Wes, his family, and best friend, Sean Paxton, along with his family and friends are committed to seeing him through this heart transplant. For the first time in a long time, Wes has hope for the future.

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July 25, 2017

Hello Everyone!

I'm pleased to share the news that Wes has been released from the hospital and is recovering at home in Johnstown, PA. For all that know him, it's no surprise his determined character and resolve are making the difference each day as he continues to regain his strength. For everyone that has been supporting this effort with your thoughts, prayers and generous donations, his family and friends share Wes' sincere gratitude. All of it combines to make a tremendous difference. While he's firmly on the road to recovery, key milestones still lie ahead for him to pass. I'm sure he'll do that with your continued support in thought, prayer and donations to this fund that directly supports his home caregiver expenses, ongoing medication and other needs, related to his new life as a heart transplant recipient. We'll keep you posted as Wes' recovery continues to progress.


Sean Paxton

Wes' Best Friends Since Childhood

July 4, 2017

UPDATE. Wes is tentatively scheduled for discharge on the 13th of this month. Thank you again to all who have donated to this fund, which can be used for a variety of needs including ongoing medical and prescription costs not covered by insurance. Donated funds are all tax-deductable and can also be used for post-operative home caregiver volunteer expenses, which will be needed for approximately one month, once Wes is released. These costs include things like travel and other related expenses. As always, Wes extends his sincere appreciation for all your support and well-wishes. I echo those sentiments and respectfully remind you all to continue sharing this Campaign page. Sincerely, Sean Paxton. Wes' friend since childhood.


June 29, 2017

Love ya Wes!! Pankoke and I are praying for you!! As well as all the Adams family!! Much love our friend!!

kate David dakota Gunnar lankoke

May 10, 2017

Prayers going up,,,

Debbie Hamer

May 9, 2017

Pray'in for you Wes !!!

Gail Zahurak