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On November 20, 2015 Michael Thor was involved in a motorcycle accident, that caused a catastrophic spinal cord injury. He suffered a C2 fracture of the spine, and while it is an incomplete injury, the bruising on the spinal cord has left him a quadriplegic with a long road to recovery.

Recovery from a spinal injury is a very difficult journey, no doctor can tell you exactly how he will heal or how long it will take. For us it has been over 3 years and while Mike is still unable to make any functional movement like feeding himself, scratching his face, etc. he has gained the independence to hand drive chair, take steps with max assist and do stand a pivot transfers rather than using a hoyer lift. We know with continued therapy he will one day be able to reach his face and regain even more independence. He has come very far, but we need help!

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August 29, 2017

Fundraiser Date is Confirmed!
Coleen Speaks at Posh Nosh catering has agreed to host a fundraiser along with the Posh Nosh 10 year anniversary party! The event will be on November 25, 2017 in the new Posh Nosh space off of Atlantic Ave in Raleigh, NC. Stay tuned for more updates!

March 18, 2017

Thank you to everyone in Raleigh for such a great fundraiser March 12th! It was so good to see everyone and be back home! I can tell that Mike has been rejuvenated, it was a really big boost in moral to get back home, for him to see his restaurant up and running and to get a better idea of how he can help support the business from a distance. We will be making regular trips home of course, but this one was something special thanks to all of you! We were able to raise around $6,000 which is such a big help on our medical expenses, we truly can’t thank you enough. Love you guys!! Sarah

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February 7, 2019

Just a bit of love toward that pharmacy bill.

Erika and Sean Kent/Malone

December 19, 2018

In honor of the Michael Thor and the Albright Family. Great friendship leads to great works!!

Rosemary French

January 21, 2018

Friends of the Albright's won $300 in a Zion United Church of Christ trivia contest and were honored to donate the winnings to you for your incredible determination in recovery. We are praying for you!

The McGees' & the Atkinsons'

December 20, 2017

Michael, Praying for your continued amazing strides during your recovery.

Friends of Kim and Randy