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Carlton Acklin is a 46-year-old man whose gift of a transplanted kidney that he had for nearly ten years failed in November 2013. Carlton needs special help from his community to support him in raising funds to assist him in getting a kidney transplant. Transplants are life saving, but they are very expensive.

Since Carlton’s kidney failed, he has struggled to live by doing peritoneal dialysis daily on a machine at home. This helps to keep him alive, but it robs him of time to do anything else but read, watch television, and listen to music. To be responsible, Carlton works four hours, five days of the week. Sometimes during dialysis, he vomits and endures painful cramps. A kidney transplant will enable him to live a more normal and enjoyable life.

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December 11, 2017

We continue to keep you in our prayers cousin Carlton. We love you!

Marcus & Ann Kinkle Family

Marcus & Ann Kinkle Family

May 5, 2017

We gonna get you a new bean!


May 4, 2017

Hang in their brother love you Carlton!