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DeVon Taylor is a man of courage. His on-going battling with Lupus has been a demonstration of that courage. This single-parent of a teen son and a young adult daughter has been the pillar of his immediate, extended family and friends. While raising and nurturing his family, DeVon had to be his own cheerleader especially during the periods of his most difficult medical conditions. DeVon is the most caring and supportive person you will ever meet. Regardless of DeVon’s health conditions, he will always find time to lend a hand to family, friends or anyone in need.

DeVon grew up in the City of Wilmington and graduated from McKean High School. He continues to reside in the City of Wilmington and is a vocal voice in his community. While tending to his medical condition and caring for his family financially and parentally, DeVon coaches for the local co-ed baseball team. Devon has also been an assist coach for countless football teams over the years. Throughout his struggle with Lupus, DeVon has endured two transplants. Both experiences have left Mr. Taylor financially drained and his health has been wavering over the years. Unfortunately, DeVon needs another life-saving kidney transplant.