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Troy Frymyer received a liver transplant in May 2012 because of Cryptogenic Cirrhosis and after almost 5 years of being in and out of the hospitals with complications related to his failing donor liver, Troy’s only chance of recovering is another lifesaving transplant. He is currently being evaluated by the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida to be placed back on the Liver Transplant List.

Troy is a giving soul and has been in the Central Florida area since a child. He has grown many friendships in the construction business over the years and after many years of helping others; Troy is now the one who needs our help. Transplantation and follow-up medications and treatments are very expensive. Even with insurance coverage, there are copays, deductibles, and out of pocket expenses that have to be met. His wife Sonya, who works full time, will have to take time from work to provide pre-transplant care for Troy due to his failing health, take him to and from MD appointments and testing, and relocating to Jacksonville for approximately 2 months to provide continuous care for Troy post-transplant.

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December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas!

 Troy has been hospitalized for all of the holidays since the transplant in May 2012.  The week of Thanksgiving, we were told that Troy wll need another transplant in the near future due to deterioating bile ducts from his current donor liver (Cholangitis is the medical term). High fevers complicated with blood clots and neuro-toxic effects from the anti-rejection meds have been major problems.  We're praying that the Christmas holiday will be complication free!  We wish to thank everyone for their continued prayers, thoughts, and support.  Oh..and ...MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!  Don't forget about  The site is updated at least once a week and more often as complications occur.

Love to all!

Troy and Sonya


October 30, 2012



As most of you know, Troy had his Liver Transplant x2 on 5/20/12 and again on 5/24/12 due to complications.  Troy was inpatient until 7/10/12 and was able to return to his home in Orlando on 7/21/12.  He's been in the hospital a 3 times since his transplants.  Blood clots have been major contributors to his complications.  He is now on life time Coumadin therapy.  Troy was on dialysis for 3 months after his initial hospitalization with his kidneys finally waking up on 8/21/12 and no further dialysis required.  The road to recovery continues to be rocky but steady.  Troy and I both appreciate the prayers, thoughts, and support from everyone.  I continue to update very often.

Thank you all so much..

Troy and Sonya Frymyer


July 5, 2012

Our Prayers or always with You!! Get Well Soon!!

Clif Moore and Family Robert,Louisiana

June 26, 2012

Our Love and prayers are always with you.

The Alfonso & Salley Family Orlando, Fl

June 20, 2012

Get well Troy

Darlene Mcclellan Newport Michigan