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Deborah Purdy, the mother of Kevin Joyce and Kari Burmeister, of Martinsville Virginia is critically ill. Debbie has been struggling well over a year, declining in her health, but no doctor able to understand or diagnose. She has quickly regressed and currently needing an extremely high requirement of 8-10 liters of oxygen. She is left short of breath with even the simple task of standing to walk short distances, all due to her failing liver. After an evaluation at Duke University Hospital, Debbie has been diagnosed with end-stage, non-alcoholic cirrhosis and in need of a liver transplant. The liver transplant team estimates Debbie will be at the top of the list and awaiting a match within six months.

Transplants can be life saving and help Debbie get back to things she loves. Debbie enjoyed being a member in her church at Horsepasture Christian, partaking in the art community with her love of painting, and being able to interact with her four young grandchildren.