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After years of helping others,Tracy now needs our help!

Tracy is a 47 year old wife, mother, and grandmother who has been suffering from a hereditary kidney disease called Polycystic Kidney Disease. This disease has caused Tracy’s kidney function to slowly decline throughout the years leaving her with two options as it continues to decline; she can choose to live on dialysis or have a kidney transplant. Unfortunately, the cost of both options is overwhelmingly expensive. Tracy has spent most of her life caring for others; now, she needs our help!

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April 3, 2018

July will be 1 year on the Transplant list. This past 8 months has been pretty good. My kidney function hasnt decreased any more. So Thankful. Hoping for a transplant before having to start dialysis.
Thanks to everyone who has donated and helped in any way. You are greatly appreciated.

November 7, 2017

I have officially reached Stage 5. I am holding my own and not on diaylsis yet. I was officially listed on the Transplant list July 13,2017.

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July 12, 2017

Whatever you need, if it's within my power, it's yours.

Susan Austin