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Roger Needs Our Help!

Roger Rudder began his battle with liver disease when he was just five years old. Still, at that time, doctors didn’t know exactly what was wrong. As the years progressed, Roger was told to carefully control his weight and to abstain from drinking alcoholic beverages. So, he lived an alcohol-free life in the hopes that cirrhosis would never set in. As the years passed, Roger seemed to be maintaining liver health but was officially diagnosed with non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), a liver disease that is often silent until the liver is gravely ill.

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July 12, 2020

Roger is back in the hospital and has been for weeks. He passed out at home, they think from infection and dehydration as a result of the ongong sepsis and issues with his biliary drains (which are intended to save the liver his wife gave him). When he passed out, he did not catch himself and fell foward on a hard wood floor. In doing so, he broke three ribs and three bones in his face, cut open his face (with significant blood loss), and suffered a brain hemorrhage. Once in the hospital, he developed double pneumonia, likely from aspiration during the fall. He is not able to remain stable at home anymore and so is likely to remain in the hospital to undergo a bile duct surgery to replace these drains and stop this life-threatening cycle.

Alana is staying with him near the hospital. Roger has slipped into a deep delirium and is unable to understand where he is a lot of the time. The only thing he consistently seems to register is Alana and, when she is not there, he hallucinates horrible tradgedies surrounding her death. So, though Alana is not allowed to stay with him at night due to COVID restrictions, she is with him all day every day.

Please continue to pray for Roger’s complete healing as UVA teams work to stabilize Roger and save his liver. Thank you all!!

May 16, 2020

After Roger and Alana underwent their living donor liver transplant in November of 2017, Roger went from lying in an ICU bed with only a few days to live to embracing life, gaining strength, enjoying his life with his wife, and healing. Unfortunately, he then suffered a bile duct leak and subsequent stricture that lead to a two year struggle to discover what was wrong. In the meantime, he became bedridden and very ill as his kidneys, pancreas, liver, and stomach struggled to handle the damage the stricture induced. His kidneys have experienced multiple injuries and his pancreas has been thrown into multiple chronic pancreatitis flareups. Roger’s stomach is struggling to work properly to help Roger take advantage of nutrition due to a lack of pancreas and liver digestive assistance. He has become severely malnourished as a result. Over that two-year period, Roger spent months in the hospital and developed stage three fibrosis of his new liver. The development of fibrosis was confirmed in a liver biopsy and the fight began to keep Roger from progressing to stage four fibrosis (or end-stage liver failure), which would require another transplant.

Today, Roger is in the hospital fighting hard to save the gift his wife gave him. His wife is living with him near the hospital or in the hospital when allowed. COVID-19 has complicated his care significantly. Alana and Roger ask for fervent prayer for a successful fight for Roger and full healing. Please pray for a path to healing before end-stage liver disease develops. Treatment for the stricture involves liver drains that have lead to complications like an aneurysm in the only hepatic artery Roger has, frequent Cholangitis, multiple bouts of sepsis, and months spent in the hospital. Roger has spent more time in the hospital thus far in 2020 than out.

As Roger and Alana fight for Roger’s gift of life, expenses have mounted as they live away from home so Roger can receive adequate care at the transplant center. They must constantly travel to and from the hospital and Roger’s medical appointments. To help Roger recover from severe malnutrition (and so gain strength to fight for his new liver), Roger also needs procedures that amount to thousands of dollars that are not covered by insurance. Any donation you provide will go directly to his medical care and, big or small, every donation is so appreciated! Thank you for your support!

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July 12, 2020

Praying for Roger's healing and for your strength too. We love you!

Alyssa Mendoza

July 12, 2020

You are in our prayers daily!!!! Stay strong

Aaron & Becky Moodie

May 21, 2020

From Gayle and Nicolle

Gayle Irby

May 16, 2020

Roger and Alana- We are praying for you both! You’re love for each other and for God is so evident. You are a blessing to many.

Aaron & Becky Moodie