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As some of you may already know, our dear friend Spike, Gaffer extraordinaire, is battling AML / Leukemia. AML is a cancer that starts in the bone marrow and hinders the production of normal blood cells. A bone marrow transplant is Spike’s best hope for a return to good health; unfortunately, transplants can be financially devastating for the patient and their family.

However you know Spike, we can all agree he is the kindest, funniest and most generous of souls! Spike would never think to ask for help, but our help is exactly what he and Kim need right now. Spike does not have a familial match for a bone marrow donor, so a national search is under way.

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March 21, 2018

Ok, so here’s the next part of the plan.

We spoke to the chemo doctor today and he’s going to put Spikie on some higher octane drugs. This means he’ll be admitted to the hospital (this Friday we think) for 5 days while he gets the new chemo and different clinical trials. Then more bone biopsies to see how they did. If they did well, then into transplant as quick as we can so as not to have another relapse. Hopefully the schedules will work out so there’s not so much down time between chemo and transplant this time.

So this next round of drugs is going to be pretty rough on him…keep him in your hearts and minds while he goes through it. I’ll keep you updated as we go. Thank you my angels. <3 <3

March 16, 2018

Ok, so we’ve hit another snag.

Remember when we got his blast cells down to 3%? Well, while we were dealing with the colitis, it came back up to 10%. That means next week we need to go another round of chemo and some different clinical trials. We’ll be having a conversation with the chemo doctor early this coming week to see what method and process he’d like to use.

We could’ve made the decision to go ahead with the transplant, but it would’ve drove up his chances for trouble on the other side. We decided to go about it the right way to give him the best chances we could. This moves our homecoming back to probably middle/late August.

I was all ready to tell you guys the new schedule put him in transplant on April 11, but then the bone marrow biopsy came back with these results.

So please send some positive vibes our way. This was a bit of a kick in the teeth.

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January 22, 2018

For some odd reason, I wasn't aware of the fundraiser! I will start checking in more often so that I won't miss out on anything from now on, ok?

Bill Netter

December 21, 2017

Sorry I couldn't make it to the awesome party. Hang in there you two! I will continue to keep watching for Kim's updates! Best

Rick Zwicker

December 20, 2017

We're unable to make the Ball but I sent a donation tonite. Our thoughts, hearts and prayers are with you guys daily. Love you guys lots !!

Uncle Jerry and Aunt Terry

December 20, 2017

Can't make it to the shindig tonight gang but thinking about you Spike and Kim. Be strong and take care!!

Matt Dunstone